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Sundance Spas

There is so much to love about owning a Sundance® spa: coming home to a warm hot tub hydromassage, inviting friends over for a backyard party, experiencing the healing relief of therapy jets after a workout, and seeing romantic possibilities in the sparkling light of a waterfall. Sundance adds so much to your life because Sundance puts so much into every one of its products. Sundance Spas has been setting the industry standard in hot tub design and manufacturing for over 30 years, and takes pride in these accomplishments:

  • International recognition – the most certifications, awards, and honors in the hot tub industry
  • Patented components and process, including proprietary jets that deliver a massage unlike that of any other hot tub
  • World's largest manufacturer of acrylic hot tubs, with dealers in over 60 countries
880 Series Sundance Spas 880 Series
780 Series Sundance Spas 780 Series
680 Series Sundance Spas 680 Series

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Sundance Spas continues to introduce features, components, and aesthetics that are widely considered to be benchmarks for contemporary luxury hot tubs. Sundance loves producing high-performance, energy-efficient spas, and because they are so good at making them, their hot tubs are backed by the best warranties in the business.


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Bullfrog Spas

The standard in hot tub design and performance. Customized for you and your lifestyle.

Bullfrog International designs and manufactures the world's only luxury hot tubs with the patented JetPak Therapy System™. JetPaks® are modular jetted spa seats that allow the user to customize, interchange and upgrade their hot tub's jetted massages at anytime. Founded in 1996, Bullfrog International is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah metro area.

Perfection is no small challenge, but it's our goal. This is why, at Bullfrog International, we take a different approach to manufacturing the world's best hot tubs and spas.

  • Bullfrog Spas starts with an expert team of designers and engineers. They utilize the latest technology to create the aesthetic style and the functional blueprint for a spa that will both look and perform better than any other.
  • Bullfrog Spas manufacturing professionals are trained in the latest methods of efficient manufacturing to ensure quality throughout the process. Their spas are built with pride, right here in the USA.
A Series Bullfrog Spas A Series
R Series Bullfrog Spas R Series
X Series Bullfrog Spas X Series

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Nordic Hot Tubs

Since 1995, Nordic has led the industry in providing high quality, therapeutic hot tubs. A Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect balance of hydrotherapy at a cost-effective price.

Nordic's DTS™, or Dual Therapy System, is exclusive to Nordic Hot Tubs and combines high flow water movement with a circular motion, to massage parts of the body that are forgotten in competitors' spas. The combination of high flow water and individual jet therapy DTS™ provides is the perfect balance of active and passive muscle and joint relief.

All-In 110's Nordic Hot Tubs 110 Series
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Classic Nordic Hot Tubs Classic Series

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